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Monday @ 7.30pm


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  1. Family - praying for no divorce, no separation
  2. Praying for unity in the home
  3. Praying for salvation of family & friends
  4. Praying over our children for divine protection over each one
  5. Praying for financial breakthrough over every member of V2V Church
  6. Praying for financial increase over V2V Church
  7. Praying for favour in our community
  8. Praying that no weapon formed or fashioned against V2V or its members shall not prosper
  9. No demonic force shall hinder v2v owning this building
  10. We pray for the souls in Harrow and the surrounding areas that salvation shall come to every household
  11. Praying for compassion to be birth in the hearts of every member of V2V to see souls saved and for the spirit of evangelism to come upon them